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A door to my heart

By Jennifer Symonds

She was sitting at her desk thinking about the days gone by as she looked at photos from her youth. Back before she married and had children. Back before the divorce. Back before her four kids had all moved away. They were simpler times. Not that she knew that then.

She still lived in her childhood home. She had inherited when her parents died on her ninetieth birthday. A car crash had taken them from her. Six months later she dropped out of college. She needed a job to pay the bills before she lost the house. And now she was going to lose the house anyways. In a weeks’ time she would be sent to a home. Her daughter who hadn’t visited since Christmas two years ago moved back in after her backup with her husband. Three months later her daughter had her run through a battery of test, only to get her diagnosed with Alzheimer. Now she was being made to move into a home. For her own good they said.  But I knew better. My lovely seaside home was being sold and torn down. I didn’t know what they were going to build here. And I didn’t care. All I knew was that my home full of memories was being destroyed. The sounds of my happy childhood would be gone. Along with the sounds of my children playing. And the faded memories of fights with my ex.

I felt tears fall from my eyes. As one by one they landed on the photos. I heard my daughter come into the room and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. “It will be ok mom.” She said. But I didn’t believe her. And I brushed her arms away. Standing up I left the room without once looking at my daughter.

I went outside and sat on the swing on the back porch. And watch as children and parents played on the beach. It brought a smile to my face. I closed my eyes and let my mind wonder as images of my children playing on the beach floated past. I could just see it as thou it was yesterday. My youngest Matt came running up to me all soaking wet crying that Emma pushed him in the water and wrecked his sandcastle.

I stayed there for serial hours until my daughter woke me and suggested I head to bed. For the rest of the week I packed what I wanted to take with me. And whenever my daughter came into the same room as me I left. She tried to talk but one day about half way through the week I told her. “Jess you are not too old for me to tack over my knee. Leave me be.” And that was that.

Friday came way too quickly for my taste. And with a feeling of betrayal I grabbed my bags and headed for the car. A mover would be in tomorrow to move the rest to storage, but at this point I didn’t care. Because this was the day that the door to my hart would slam short. Once I lost the only home I’d ever known. Once I lost the place that held so many happy and sad memories. Once I lost the only this that I had left that mattered to me.

After my daughter dropped me off and helped me unloaded the few belongings I was taking with me. I was left in what was to be my prison. The betrayal stung. And the door to my heart. A door that was once wide open, now was a door slammed shot. Never to be open again.

Writer's Block: Smells like teen spirit

Are there any scents that invoke childhood memories?

Chicken soup.

Even as an adult I still love the tast of home made chicken soup.  My tast may have changed as I'm not the pickey eatter that I was as a child but even now There is nothen better then  chicken soup.

Forever in flux - Ch 1. The crying girl.

Ch 1. The crying girl.


As I came back to myself, I heard the sound of someone crying. Looking around for the source of the sobs, I saw a young girl, a young muggle girl if her close were anything to go by, with tears practically pouring from her eyes. She captured my attention so completely, with her white t-shirt, black jeans, and red sweatshirt, that I found myself scarcely able to remember my own problems.


"Are you okay?" I asked her, hesitantly inching towards her.


She looked at me and whispered, "I'm sorry."


"What!" I all but yelled at the strange crying girl. I didn't know why but her tearful apology set me on edge. There was just something about this girl with muggle clothing and her need to apologize, that made me think there was more going on than I realized.


"I'm sorry," she repeated over and over again and she looked down at me with her tear-filled eyes. Her gaze pierced me, as if she were filled with an overwhelming amount of regret that was just waiting to spill out. Not knowing what else to do I took the girl into my, attempting to steady her into my arms as she fell to her knees crying.


"What's wrong?" I asked her, deliberately trying to soothe her with my voice.

But it didn't work.


Her tears continued to flow and she seemed to collapse into herself. Like, whatever the reason for her breakdown was consuming her. But there was something more, some strange type of energy surrounded her, moved through her, poisoning her slowly.


Suddenly I knew what to do. I opened myself up to the power. Knowing that I could use myself to bleed off the excess power from the girl. I couldn't describe how I did it. Or even how I knew that I could do it, I just knew that I could. As I hugged the girl tighter to myself and called out to the energy permeating her entire being, I has to trust in my instincts that this was going to be alright. The same instincts that had helped to kept me alive my whole life,


Drawing on the foreign energy I took it out of the girl and into myself. Immediately I could feel the difference in her as she relaxed against me, her tears finally slowing. The same could not be said for me as the energy continued to pour into me; I couldn't contain it all. And truthfully, I didn't want to. The energy sparked something in me, something alien yet utterly familiar. It filled me up. And felt like my oldest friend and worst enemy at the same time.


Then all of a sudden the energy flow between the girl and me increased and I screamed as it burned through me. I tried to pull away from the girl but couldn't as she clutched me tighter. Every part of me ached as it rushed throughout my body, my cells; changing my
magic, changing me into something different.


Suddenly, I could feel everything, more than I'd ever felt before. I felt the earth spinning underneath me and in the center of it all, I could feel the primal spark that gave life to everything. I felt it, the spark of life and the heartbeat of the Earth, both connecting me to the pulse of the planet and the ebb and flow of all life reaching out to the stars and even further still past solar system and out to the galaxies teeming with more than just human life.


I could hear the voice of the universe all around me. As it singing a song so terribly beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. It was a song of love and war, slavery and freedom, life and deaf, and of yen and yang. It was a song of balance on the highest scale contained within it the whole of the universe and further on still. From parallel to parallel, dimension to alternate dimension.


And that amount of information crashing into my brain would have driven me mad if I hadn't sought to regulate it on some subconscious level. Because suddenly it all stopped. The song was still there but muffled, like my mind had put up walls to protect me from the worst of it. Then my connection with the Earth began to fade as well;. Like with the song, it was still there but it would take considerable concentration to call it up again. And the concentration required would be enough to shatter my mind.


My magic pulsed just beneath my skin. Stronger than ever but fundamentally different. The influx of foreign energy had altered me in ways I couldn't yet begin to understand. And underneath everything else, I could feel echoes in the universe, similar to my own inner light but not exactly the same. I was unique in all the universes; I knew it in my heart. Even as my head rejected the truth.


There was one light however that drew my attention, drew me towards it. I knew that finding it would be like finding my home and my worst nightmare wrapped into one. It repealed and attracted me all at the same time. It felt like family and yet I didn't know it. This strange light that felt like home was scaring the hell out of me, because I knew all to well what a lie that feeling was. There was no such thing as home. And the concept of family could be the biggest lie of them all.


The lights sparkled and shone, spread out all over the universe and rippling as they danced. Some of them felt like I should know them and others felt like I would know them as they fading in and out as they danced in the web of time.


All at once, the energy flow stopped and I grew weak as my world went black and I fell into unconsciousness.

Forever in flux. Prologue


I'm not sure how it happened. One minute my life was fine, I had the perfect job and a loving wife, when suddenly it all changed. I was coming home from work early when I heard strange sounds coming from the bedroom. Thinking something was wrong I ran in only to find the worse sight I'd ever seen. My wife of two years was having sex with another man.

So there it was. That's when it all changed. My life as I knew it was over.

Using what little self control I had left, I apparated to the middle of the Forbidden Forest before I completely lost control. I could have spent day's there and I wouldn't have noticed it. I was so caught up in my anger and grief that I lost all control of my magic.

I must have spent hours there screaming and letting my magic lash out but I never tired. My voice never stopped working. I was so far gone that I had tuned everything out but my inner turmoil.

I didn't know it at the time, but as I stood there out of control, with my anger and my all consuming grief I had started to change. The combination of my intense anger, grief, rage and magic roaring through me was slowly killing me. So my magic did the only thing it could do at the time to keep me alive, it activated a dormant gene sequence in my D.N.A. The proses caused a rapid regeneration of my cells, which transformed me back into my eight-year-old self. But that wasn't the only thing that had changed.

I wasn't human any more.

I had gained an extra heart and my mind was opened up in ways that I couldn't even begin to explain and there were other changes tacking place but nothing as important as those first two things.

I wouldn't find out till years later how it was that I carried that one speck of Time Lord D.N.A.; that one minuscule chromosome that allowed my magic to change me. But then agene, at the time I didn't know or care that I was changing into a Time Lord. All I cared about was the emotional storm I was experiencing as it consumed and changed me.

Story - Forever in flux Info

TitleForever in flux.

Book/Other: Harry Potter – Doctor Who

Rating: PG 13 maybe R later.

Genre: Action/ Adventure, SiFi

Warnings: x-over, sifi, slightly AU, charter OC-ness, there will also be run-ins with real-world modern History and technology, pinches of Humor, morsels of Science, hints of Romance, Spiritual concepts and Political issues.

Pairings: Past HP/GW. Now Rose/9&10. HP/None. Futcher Amy/Rory and one sided Amy/11

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Doctor Who. They belong to there respected writers, publishers, producers, and companies. I am just writing this for fun and don't make a profit from this. So please, please pleaseeeeeeeee don't sue me I am broke and there's nothing to get from me.

Summary: When you lose everything what do you have left. Because in an instant everything can change. What would you do when your magic cursed you to live forever in order to save your life. What would you do if a change of fate made turn left instead of right. What would when everything changed.

For Harry Potter life had never been easy. First there was his crappy childhood then there was the war. And now his wife is cheating on him. In order to stop himself from doing something stupid he popped to the middle of the Forbidden Forest and meats a strange crying girl who changes his life forever.

Authors notes: Be kind! Constructive criticism welcomed, flamers will be ignored! They're evil! Please, please R&R! Thank-you! And no bugging for an update for at least a week after the last chapter was updated. Thank you!